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The vision of Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations is to be a Christ-centered, cross-cultural, covenantal community of believers dedicated to glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ, edifying the Body of Christ and terrifying the satanic forces of the anti-Christ. Simply stated, our vision is to be a “Citywide Church with a Worldwide impact”



The goal of Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations is to be a family-oriented, scholarly, evangelistic, caring, structured, orderly, glorious, growing, excellent, informed, Christ-centered, cross-cultural, and covenantal community of believers. Note: A community is a place where people find personal and social identity, share ideology and seek the achievement of some common destiny.






The Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations Women’s Ministry serves to promote unity, fellowship, and spiritual development among the women of Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations in order to train and equip them in their role as mothers, and leaders in their communities and ministries.




Our Evangelistic team(s) is on the front line and Graced with the Armor of God to sow the seed and expect the Increase of God. YOUTH The Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations Children’s & Youth Ministry recognizes that each and every child is a unique individual gift from God who is fearfully and wonderfully made. Jesus declared in Luke 18: 16, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Because the ministry to children is the heartbeat of God, our mission is to assist families in training and developing their children to become faithful, fruitful, disciples of Jesus Christ.






Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations is committed to fulfilling the great commission of evangelism and outreach through International Missions. A high priority is placed on participation and support of local missions, as well as global missions in Brazil, Ukraine and Africa to name a few. Additionally, believers are encouraged to witness to family members, friends, visitors, co-workers and those within their community to bring the power of Jesus Christ from the church walls into the places where we live and work that it may go abroad




The Domestic Missions Ministry is a service of care and concern that requires patience and compassion for members who have faced challenges and encountered difficult times. This helps ministry is responsible to take the church outside the four walls to those who are not able to be present during the weekly service. The Domestic Missions Ministry represents the Presiding Apostle and the Pastoral staff in providing follow-up care to members.




Pastors Rick and Denise Scott Williams along with the C.I.C.A.N family invite you to join in with us on the Manger Bus. Since it’s inception for the winter of 2010-2011 the Manager Bus has been successful in providing food, spiritual encouragement, clothes, blankets, coats, and a warm place to sleep overnight to hundreds of the city’s homeless citizens. We are looking forward to continuing this outreach for the 2011-2012 winter seasons. It is a heartfelt mission of C.I.C.A.N to assist the community and Glorify God as his word has given us (The Body of Christ) to do if our brother or sister should have need of or ask for food, drink, clothing or shelter. ART & WORSHIP We at CICAN believe that giving Praise and Worship to God ids not just singing, therefore we embrace biblically-based forms of Praise and Worship. Through dance, singing, mime, rapping, poetry…etc we offer up the sacrifice of Praise and Worship. PRAYER The Prayer Ministry is focused on developing a prayer base for Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations, the movement and penetration of its leadership, and the prayer life of every member. Corporate prayer is one of the most important ministry functions at Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations; as it is written, “My House will be called a house of Prayer … ” (Matthew 21:13). Each member is responsible to maintain a lifestyle of prayer.




A. C. T. S. – The Apostolic Church Training School is an accelerated course of study geared to teach and train ministers through classroom instruction, and field ministry in the areas of five-fold ministry, prophecy, deliverance, leadership, cell groups, and church planting.




The B.K.W. Young Preacher’s Institute is an intensive study program. It is designed for individuals entering into ministry to establish themselves in the art of reading, research and revelation in order to develop and mature their preaching and teaching gift.